Centenary Year

On 9th February 2023, the Society of the Sacred Cross will have been in Wales 100 years. To mark the Centenary, a number of events are planned under the title ‘Women of Prayer’. Details will be be posted shortly.

Latest news

Our Chapel is always open for prayer and we have services five times a day including the Eucharist each day at noon and Evening Prayer at 5:15pm. We welcome visitors to our services. It is helpful to let us know in advance when you are coming by emailing community@tymawrconvent.com .

IGR: Connecting with God

Connecting with God
Silent Individually Guided Retreat
6th to 10th August 2020
Tymawr Convent, Lydart, Monmouth NP25 4RN
If you are between 18 and 35 years and are searching for meaning and reality in a time of change and challenge, this retreat may be for you. Perhaps silence could open up for you a different way of coming closer to God? You may even be new to the idea of retreat and the possibility of meeting God in silence. Giving ourselves time and space away from our everyday routine can help us to seek God and reflect on our lives.
The retreat at Tymawr offers you beauty and space where you can spend time connecting with God in silence. A daily meeting to talk with your guide, who can listen and be alongside you, will help you to find a deeper awareness of God at work in your life and to discern how your journey of faith is unfolding.
The suggested donation for 4 nights is £200 full board, with individual rooms in standard accommodation.
For more information please contact Jane Booth jane-booth@hotmail.co.uk, 01635 30343 or Nicola Mason nrm@sglodion.plus.com 020 7790 4952

Places are limited so early booking is advised

Christmas 2019

5.15 pm First Vespers
11.00 pm Midnight Eucharist

10.00 am Eucharist
12.00 md Midday Office
5.15 pm Second Vespers

Eucharist at midday every day after Christmas as usual.

All welcome to any service.

Study Day September 2019




 A day exploring Marian devotion as a gateway to grace, drawing on the Angelus and Rosary

Led by The Revd Alison Dummer

Alison is a retired URC Minister, who lives in Cardiff

The Study Day will be held at Tymawr Convent and begin with coffee at 10.00 a.m. and conclude at 4.00pm with tea.

Please bring your lunch. Drinks will be provided.

Please let the Community know if you would like to attend :community@tymawrconvent.com

tel: 01600 860 244

Holy Week and Easter 2019


PALM SUNDAY 25th March, 2019

12.00 Procession of Palms and Eucharist

MAUNDY THURSDAY 29th March, 2019

17.30 Eucharist with feet washing

GOOD FRIDAY 30th March, 2019

12.00 Sext

13.45 None

14.00 Liturgy

HOLY SATURDAY 31st March, 2019

20.30 Paschal Vigil

EASTER DAY 1st April 2019

10.00 Eucharist

Individually Guided Retreat August – September 2019

Individually Guided Silent Retreat
Tymawr Convent – 27th August to 3rd September 2019

This annual silent retreat affords beauty and space for body and soul to unwind.
The daily meeting with your guide seeks to foster a deeper awareness of God at work
in your everyday life: a source of fresh light and strength for the path ahead.

Suggested donation of £400
(Deposit of £50 with application form)

For more information and application form email or phone
Jane Booth 01635 30343 or
Susan Williams 01600 713573

As places are limited, early booking is advised.

Study Day 23rd March 2019


A day spent looking at the way the translation of the Bible evolved into the English language in medieval times and examining the challenges that translation gives to modern cultures.

With Dr Gail Blick and Dick Coates:

Dr Gail Blick has a doctorate from Cardiff University. She is a medieval scholar researching the Bible in Literature including Geoffrey Chaucer, William Langland and Julian of Norwich. Papers given at Dunedin University and the medieval translation conferences at Santiago de Compostela and KU Leuven. Gail was sessions’ organiser for the international research group, The Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages, at the annual Leeds International Medieval Congress and has also given a number of papers at the annual international congress on medieval studies at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.

Dick Coates, brought up in the CofE, found a living faith at his confirmation. Determined to be a Lay Missionary after talking to Father Trevor Huddleston at his school in 1955; a dream not fulfilled until 2002 when he took on a role as a church project officer in Papua New Guinea! In the meantime he had the privilege of working with John Stott as mission secretary at the Royal Agricultural College, and in many roles in the CofE since. He is a retired Chartered Rural Practice & Building Surveyor now living in Trellech, & author of the ‘Prayer Companion’.
His interest in translation of the Bible arises from his long association with an Indian Missionary family employed by the New Life Computer Institute (NLCI), who recently visited Tymawr.

The day will start at 10 am with coffee and biscuits in the Old Print House. We will stop for the Eucharist at midday, and eat lunch afterwards, please bring your sandwiches.

If you could let the Sisters at Tymawr Convent know if you plan to attend, that would be helpful.
Donations only, on the day.

Christmas 2018

5.15 pm First Vespers
11.00 pm Midnight Eucharist

10.00 am Eucharist
12.00 md Midday Office
5.15 pm Second Vespers

Eucharist at midday every day after Christmas as usual.

All welcome to any service.


Study Day, Saturday 8 September 2018
led by Peta Dunstan.

“What’s it like to be a novice in a Religious community?
Throughout the decades different Anglican communities have had a range
of ideas of how to train their new members. The talks will explore some
of the highs and lows of the experience over the past 180 years.”

The day will start at 10.0 with coffee. Please bring a packed lunch, drinks will be provided.