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We are an Anglican Contemplative Community living a life of prayer, based on silence and solitude, under monastic vows.


15 March 2020

As the situation is moving quickly with cases of the virus coming nearer to Tymawr, we have been advised to take precautions so as to avoid endangering the more vulnerable and older members of the community, and to help with limiting the spread of the virus.

We are therefore closing to the general public for the time being, including for worship, and are not able to welcome day visitors. We do not anticipate re-opening until at least after October 2021.

If you have to come to the Convent on business, please wear a face mask and use the sanitizer provided in the hall.

We are so sorry about this but trust you will understand.

Community at Tymawr.

Tymawr Convent, Lydart, Monmouth, NP25 4RN
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